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Polli Labs is a precision ecology company. We build hardware & software to data collection & provide powerful, actionable insights to conservationists & agriculturalists. Our near-term goal is to cut per-datum costs by ~1000x.
We believe there is a large market-in-waiting on the other side of ecology's measurement problem. Polli Labs Inc. was founded in October 2023 to solve this problem and create value from ecological intelligence. We're currently based in Asheville, NC and are deploying pilots across the US.
We're currently raising a small round to support development & validation of our product. If you'd like to connect, shoot us an email.

Our Team

Our CEO Caleb
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Polli Labs is currently the one-man passion project of myself, Caleb Sowers. I'm an engineer and tinkerer with a formal background in physics and pollination ecology. You can read more about my motivations on my personal site.
Don't be shy! If you're interested in what we're doing, have a question, or are interested in working together, please reach out. I'm always happy to chat!
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